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Welcome to Everlast Concrete Tanks, your number one source for concrete water tanks in the Victoria and New South Wales region.

We are the largest and most experienced manufacturer and builder of concrete water tanks in the area, with over 40 years of continuous experience in addressing the water storage needs 
of Australians.

Our concrete water storage tanks are completely up-to-date with specifications relevant with firefighting requirements and council BAL assessments. 

If you need a custom water storage solution, we will provide all drawings and documents for your project and can design and build a solution for you.
Our transportable tanks range in capacity, from 10,000 to 35,000 litres, and can be delivered anywhere in the region. If you need a larger tank, we can discuss our poured onsite options with you.

The industrial tanks we provide can be used for freshwater, saltwater, wastewater and sewerage – and when lined can be used for corrosive chemicals.

Everlast also offers utility cabins that are robust, transportable concrete buildings that are both fire-proof and vandal resistant. These cabins offer excellent soundproofing and are ideal for storing equipment or housing electronic gear at remote sites. They can be easily relocated from site to site, so it is always where you need it to be.
Please give us a call today to talk to one of our team members. We will be sure to find the right tank for you!

We can custom make a tank for your specific needs

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