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Transportable Concrete Water Tank Services for New South Wales and Victoria

With over 20,000 Everlast concrete water tanks in service in eastern Australia, our farmers and property owners clearly agree on one thing – that concrete is a natural choice when it comes to storing water and that Everlast is their first-choice supplier of concrete tanks.

After all, they know that Everlast has stood the test of time (and bushfire). Suitable for homesteads, sheds, dairies, gardens and stock watering systems, the Everlast transportable water tank will add instant value to your property.

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Hassle-free installation

Dial up our free number, place your order, and download the simple site preparation instructions below. All you have to do is choose your site, level the ground and form and spread the gravel bed. When you are ready, let us know. When our team delivers, they are in and out in under an hour with the tank unloaded and ready to be fitted with minimal fuss.

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Cool, clear water

Rainwater can provide a renewable supply of natural, soft, clear and odourless water that is great for drinking, washing, bathing and laundry. Water collected in correctly installed and maintained rainwater systems produces the safest drinking water for your family. Take control of the water that your family drinks and protect this valuable resource from algae and other pollutants in an enclosed Everlast concrete tank.

Is your reticulated water supply salty or hard? Does it emit odours or contain heavy minerals? Why not relegate it to flushing your toilets, washings cars and watering the garden? Install an Everlast tank, and use natural, soft, good quality rainwater for your personal use.

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Free rainwater

Water is the key to life and gardening. With rising costs and increased public awareness of this vital resource, more people are looking at ways to use water wisely. Most rural properties have extensive roof areas that can be used to harvest considerable quantities of rainwater.

Install an Everlast concrete tank to store your rainwater and put it to one of the many possible uses around your property.

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Security against damage

If you live in the bush and the weather is hot, do you wonder if the tank is watering the stock, or if it is empty because of vandalism? Install an Everlast concrete tank and you will not have to worry about your tank being damaged by vandals.

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Be fire-wise

When you need it most, an Everlast concrete tank will be ready to supply the water you may need to save your home.

Whereas a bushfire can melt or burn plastic and fibreglass water tanks, an Everlast concrete tank will emerge unscathed.

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Australian codes

Everlast trades on its ability to supply tanks to a 'standard', not just a price. The Everlast concrete tank is designed to the following codes:

  • Australian Standard AS 3735  - "Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids"
  • Australian Standard AS 3600 "Concrete Structures"
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We come to you

Please contact your Everlast consultant with any other requirements and we will do our best to accommodate them.

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Make yours a 5-Star home

Australia has taken a lead in the crusade for sustainable energy. New homes must now achieve a 5-Star level of energy efficiency. When you build your home, build towards a sustainable environment and install an Everlast water storage tank.

From July 2005, compliance with 5-Star has required a 5-Star energy rating for building fabric PLUS water savings measures. An Everlast tank will provide those water saving measures and get you those 5-Stars.

Smart urban appearance

The one-piece construction of the Everlast tank, with no joints and an engineered concrete roof, allows for in-ground installation.

If space is a premium, or your views are limited, why not assist your landscaping by installing your tank in-ground with only the tank roof showing, providing an excellent paved area on which to place your garden furniture or clothesline. When used as an aboveground tank, the Everlast concrete tank is available in a choice of colours and quality fittings to compliment your property.

Standard Sizes

Tank Capacity
  • 10000
  • 15000
  • 20000
  • 23000
  • 25000
  • 35000
  • 2200
  • 3300
  • 4400
  • 5000
  • 5500
  • 7500
Tank Dimensions
  • 2450mm (8'0")
  • 3000mm (9'10")
  • 3450mm (11'4")
  • 3450mm (11'4")
  • 3450mm (11'4")
  • 3450mm (11'4") x 4875mm (16'0") Oval
  • 2400mm (7'10")
  • 2440mm (8'0")
  • 2440mm (8'0")
  • 2800mm (9'2")
  • 3000mm (9'10"")
  • 2800mm (9'2")
Standard Fittings
  • Low pitched roof to 0.25 kPa live loading
  • 1 x 50 mm flush socket [drain] + cap
  • 1 x 50 mm flush socket [outlet]
  • 2 x 100 mm overflows
  • 1 x concrete access cover
  • Extra brass fittings
  • Gate valve
  • CFA couplings
  • Acrylic paint coat - client’s  colour choice
  • Lockable manhole cover
  • Chrome or brass ball valve
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We can custom make a tank for your specific needs

We are always happy to meet your concrete needs, so give us a call! We will help you understand and choose what the best water storage option is for the type of liquid you want to store.

Please give us a call today to talk to one of our team members. We will be sure to find the right solution and tank for you!

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