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Professional Utility Cabins in NSW

The Everlast Utility Cabin is a robust, transportable concrete building that is both fireproof and resistant to vandalism. Utility cabins offer excellent soundproofing and are ideal for storing equipment or housing electronic gear at remote sites. Cabins are delivered to the site ready to connect and can be easily relocated from site to site so it can be where you need it to be.

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Low maintenance

The Everlast Cabin is a fully engineered, robust, concrete construction designed to give many years of durable service.

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Vandal resistant

A tool shed or equipment store left in an isolated location is a tempting target for vandals and thieves. Robust construction and Everlast’s attention to detail with door and window furniture will thwart even the most determined break-in.

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Strong and durable

After twenty years of continuous product development, design improvement and client feedback, Everlast is unsurpassed in quality.

We have the right kind of experience in the design, manufacture and delivery of strong, long lasting and transportable concrete utility cabins.

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Supplied to the government

Everlast regularly supplies cabins to government departments and municipalities.

Engineering drawings and specifications are provided for construction approval and permit applications.

Save ground space

Did you know that the Everlast Industrial Tank can be backfilled to create a lower landscaping profile or even buried out of sight altogether?

The strengthened floor and roof of the Industrial and Commercial grade tank permits backfill and burying up to a depth of 300mm over the roof.


Whatever your requirements are, an Everlast Industrial Tank can be adapted to suit your needs. We can liaise with your engineers, architects or plumbers to design a quality product ideal for your use.

We always build to a high standard to meet our strict QA requirements. These requirements can be supplied upon request.

Cabin dimensions [can be customised to suit customer's needs]

Standard Inclusions
  • Heavy duty steel doors
  • Anti-lift off pins in hinges
  • Security lock and shroud
Full electric including
  • Power points and light
  • 3 phase power outlets
  • Meter boxes
  • Circuit breakers
  • Block outs for cable entry points
  • 2000mm X 2000mm
  • 2400mm X 2400mm
  • 3300mm X 3300mm
  • 3300mm X 4400mm
  • 3300mm X 5000mm
  • 3300mm X 6000mm
  • 3300mm X 7000mm
  • 2600mm
  • 2600mm
  • 2600mm
  • 2600mm
  • 2600mm
  • 2600mm
  • 2600mm
  • Wall vents
  • Rotary vents
  • Air conditioner
  • Dividing walls
  • Bund walls
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We are always happy to meet your concrete needs, so give us a call! We will help you understand and choose what the best water storage option is for the type of liquid you want to store.

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